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Fiona Apple - "Anything We Want"
Second Chance Week

Can you believe that I was completely unaffected by this album when I first heard it? Unbelievable. I know. I’m not sure what was wrong with me either. But! I have since seen the error of my ways and fallen madly in love with it and all of its imperfections. All of it - the clunky piano, Fiona’s sandpapery voice - was so opposite of what I had been taught was “good” music that the nontraditional-ness completely threw me off and kept me from seeing how beautiful it really was.

This song in particular was actually my least favorite at the time, but now I think I’d even go so far as to regard it as one of the best songs Fiona Apple has ever written. The music and the namely the lyrics are so unequivocally GOOD right from the opening “My cheeks were reflecting the longest wavelength” and it just really makes me want her and Ben Gibbard to get together (Professionally, not romantically. Although yes.) and write the Greatest Lyrical Masterpiece of All Time. Of all the artists and albums I went back to and tried a second time, I think The Idler Wheel… has to be the one I’m most grateful for.

- Callie

Fuck! I totally didn’t tell you guys about the people with three 356’s that stayed at OFL for like a week. It made my days to go to work and see those beautiful pieces of work