Callie, 18, WA
I like sad music, long walks through the woods, and plaid.
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Every time God closes a door, he opens a window. Every time you reach the window, he closes it on your fingers. Every time he closes a window, the door locks. Every time God locks the door, the chimney collapses. You will never make it out of this house. By "Live Every Day" by Mallory Ortberg (via thethinkingspot)

Ah I see. Think of the positives! 1) You haven't gotten any less cute 2) You have a pet bird 3) Your Russian writing looks nice. I haven't done much today, and I probably won't do much tonight, since I'm not working. Got any plans for the rest of the day?

Had a softball game at five (we tied 3-3) and then we did some batting practice afterword, then I went to the gym and now I’m doing the dishes so nothing terribly exciting. And thank you so much :3 Danny is the light of my life right now. And thanks about the handwriting thing too! I get lazy so it usually looks kinda sloppy

I have a feeling you have 2 nice anons..

Oh god I do this is wonderful I love you both, but how shall we distinguish the two of you??

Hey there. Are you okay? What happened today?

I’m doing pretty alright, its just one of those days yknow? How about what cha been up to?

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listen hard
to the doges
next door in the yard

they always spill secrets
they always tell the truth

they know you
by your shoes
and deli encounters

they keep your scent file close
they’ve got you by the nose

listen hard
don’t fuck with ‘em
they’ll rat you out
them doges